Homogenization theory, computational geomechanics, bio-inspired design

Micro-macro modeling of damage and healing in rocks

Micro-macro models of crack initiation, opening, closure and rebonding for carbonate rock, granite and halite.

Numerical methods for multiscale fracture propagation

Computational tools that allow simulation of the propagation of discrete fractures within a continuum damage process zone.

Mechanics of fragmentation

Micro-mechanical analysis of particle fragmentation and the associated energy distribution with the Discrete Element Method DEM).

Bio-inspired burrowing mechanics

Self-propelled probes that can excavate with minimum soil disturbance, to allow data collection on soil properties.

Bio-inspired network dynamics and biomaterials

Infrastructure networks inspired by nature. Homogenization methods applied to biology.

Computational mechanics applied to engineering and science

Numerical applications for geological storage, structural engineering, material sciences and geomeorphology.