Welcome to the Damage Poromechanics Laboratory.

Our research involves...

  • Theoretical and numerical modeling of Thermo-Hydro-Chemo-Mechanical processes in porous and granular media
  • Multi-scale modeling of damage and healing processes in rock, particulate media, cement-based materials and... teeth
  • Image analysis of porous microstructures
  • Bio-inspired optimization of geotechnical networks and subsurface systems
  • ...with applications in geological storage (nuclear waste disposals, CAES), mineral resource management (hydraulic fracturing, geothermal energy), aggregate technology (ballast), infrastructure design (concrete reparation, subsurface structures) and dentistry.

    Latest Papers In Print

    • W. Jin, J. Aufrecht, F. Patino-Ramirez, H. Cabral, C. Arson, S. Retterer, 2020. Modeling root system growth around obstacles, Scientific Reports, (accepted)
    • X. Shen, J. Ding, C. Arson, F. Chester, J. Chester, 2020. Micro-mechanical Modeling for Rate-Dependent Behavior of Salt Rock under Cyclic Loading, International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, (accepted)
    • F. Patino-Ramirez, C. Layhee, C. Arson, 2020. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) alignment optimization using ant colony optimization, Tunneling and Underground Space Technology, DOI: 10.1016/j.tust.2020.103450
    • K. Ji, C. Arson, 2020. Tensile strength of calcite/HMWM and silica/HMWM interfaces: A Molecular Dynamics analysis, Construction and Building Materials, DOI:10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2020.118925
    • X. Shen, C. Arson, J. Ding, F. Chester, J. Chester, 2020. Mechanisms of anisotropy in salt rock upon micro-crack propagation, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, DOI : 10.1007/s00603-020-02096-1
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    • June 2021: Biot-Bazant conference: a new model of symposium in hybrid form, explain in a three-minute video
    • November 2019: Koochul and Tingting win poster awards.
    • October 2019: Xianda Shen successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis.
    • August 2019: Arson gets an NSF/UKRI grant to explore the subsurface.
    • January 2019: The DeeP MeLT in the EMI Newsletter!
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